November Remembers

November is when autumn reaches maturity.

The trees, without their full canopy, appear as ancient ruins, reminding travelers of the magnificent cathedral they once supported.
 autumn landscape with sunbrams between bare treesThey stand stark and tall after the blaze of color has passed. Remnant embers, however, still burn across the hillsides, down the valleys, and along the roadsides. These vestiges of autumn’s past glory glow with the warmth that will keep us through the months to come. The yellows of firelight, the reds of cranberry sauce, the burgundy of plum pudding, and the oranges of pumpkin pie fill our eyes and hearts with delight. These blessings of the harvest feed our bodies and our souls in God’s perfect timing. Just as the warmth of Indian summer leaves us, firelight and friends warm us indoors. When the sweet smells of nature are masked by the cut of bitter winds, wonderful aromas waft from the kitchen.

Still life of autumn fruits and crumble pie on table

Still life and harvest or table decoration for ThanksgivingAs the harvest colors disappear from the landscape, they adorn our dining room tables. November is time to reflect, remember, savor, and give thanks.

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